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"Think about how special a smile is. It costs nothing, but has the power to enrich all who receive it"

"A smile brings inspiration to the discouraged, cheer to the sad, and warmth to the troubled. It creates goodwill and a feeling of friendship"

Welcome to The Avenue Dental


 Our highly professional team offers a range of dental procedures to help keep your smile perfect. Specialised treatments including root canal therapy, Invisalign, crowns and tooth extractions are available.  We also provide all general dentistry including fillings, cleaning, dentures, and sports mouthguards.



At The Avenue Dental we endeavour to treat emergency and pain relief issues as quickly and effectively as possible. If you find yourself suffering from a severe toothache out of general practice hours, we can provide an emergency service.

Our aim is to have you smiling again as soon as possible!



Our accomplished dentists aim to provide you with expert advice through simple consultations. Our dentists want you to feel comfortable and cared for, not just for the duration of your treatment but each and every time you may need them.



We believe that a smile only takes a moment, but its memory can last a lifetime. So share some smiles!



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